Color is one of the most important ingredients in attention-getting designs. With stencils, there are a lot of ways to add color to your projects. While there are myriad products available, these are some of our favorites.

CS101 Paprika Red

CS201 Pine Bough
CS102 Aspen Leaf
CS202 Noble Fir
CS103 Pumpkin
CS203 Gold Star
CS104 Thistle
CS204 Sizzling Silver
CS105 Darkest Brown
CS205 Winter Red
CS106 Creme Brulee
CS206 Iceberg
CS107 Citron
CS207 Blue Velvet
CS108 Gourd Green
CS208 Sugar Plum

New Colors
CS301 Aquarius
CS302 Black Beauty
CS303 Cosmo Pink
CS304 Lemoncello
CS305 Mojito Green
CS306 Pearl White

CSC--Color Solution Cleaner (2 oz. size bottle)

CSA--Color Solution Applicator (includes 16 pieces of Felt)

CSF--Color Solution Felt (bag of 50 pieces of Felt)

Iridescent Color Paintstiks
R250 Blender
R251 Brown
R252 Charcoal
R253 Copper
R254 Dk. Blue
R255 Gold
R256 Green
R257 Leaf Green
R258 Lt. Gold
R259 Orange
R260 Pink
R261 Purple
R262 Red
R263 Silver
R264 Turquoise
R265 White

Regular Paintstik Sets
Basic Color Set -- Titanium White, Ivory Black, Sap Green, Ultramarine Blue, Azo Yellow, Napthol Red
Traditional Color Set -- Pewter Gray, Barn Red, Celadon Green, Dusty Rose, Wedgewood Blue, Yellow Ochre

Iridescent Paintstik Sets
Primary Colors -- Red, Dk. Blue, Green, Lt. Gold, Orange, Brown
Fashion Colors -- Turquoise, Leaf Green, Pink, Purple, Charcoal, White

Tri-color Paintstik Sets
RR001 Primary -- Red, Blue, Yellow
RR002 French Country -- Mauve, Wedgewood Blue, Celadon Green
RR003 Classic -- Sap Green, Alizarin Crimson, Prussian Blue
RR004 Toning -- Black, White, Raw Umber
RR005 Popular -- Med. Pink, Purple Sage, Teal Blue

Iridescent Tri-color Paintstik Sets
RR006 Metallic -- Silver, Gold, Copper
RR007 Spring -- Leaf Green, Pink, Turquoise
RR008 Summer -- Green, Dk Blue, Purple
RR009 Fall -- Yellow Gold, Orange, Red
RR010 Winter -- White, Charcoal, Brown
RR014 Jewel -- Jade, Magenta, Sapphire

TAP -Tube Acrylic for Paste - 18 colors

Memories Mists Sprays (individual spray bottles, MM01-MM24)

01 Mango Lemonade

02 Blueberry Milkshake

03 Lavender Tea

04 Pale Ale

05 Wheatgrass

06 Amaretto

07 Diet Cola

08 Strawberry Daiquiri

09 Margarita

10 Merlot

11 Blue Hawaiian

12 Orange Juice

13 Stormy Water

14 Whipped Cream

15 Cherry Smoothie

16 Pink Lemonade

17 Fruit Punch

18 Liquid Pine

19 Green Tea

20 Blue Lagoon

21 Blue Martini

22 Plum Sake

23 Eau de Pansy

24 Iced Coffee

Memories Mists Metallic/Iridescent Sprays -- MM25 Gold, MM26 Silver, MM27 Copper, MM28 Iridescent

Memories Mists Ultra Vivid Opaque Sprays -- UV01 Red, UV02 Pink, UV03 Orange, UV04 Yellow, UV05 Green, UV06 Blue, UV07 Purple, UV08 Turquoise

Memories Mists Iridescent Sprays -- MMIR01 Green, MMIR02 Red, MMIR03 Purple, MMIR04 Teal, MMIR05 Orange

Metallic F/X (Mica Powders, FX01 - FX18)

01 Gold Dust

02 Amber Glow

03 Pink Poppy

04 Moonstone

05 Goldfinch

06 Eye of the Tiger

07 Plum Royale

08 Rose Berry

09 Pixie Blush

10 Kiwi

11 Ivy Garden

12 Glacier Lake

13 Sapphire

14 Purple Satin

15 Kimono

16 Pink Blaze

17 Navajo Sky

18 Cocoa

19 Wedgewood

20 Forestry

21 Pewter

22 Just Peachy

23 NouveauOrange

Circus Splendor Ink Pad (KS10 shown), Antique Splendor Ink Pad (KS11), Magic Splendor Ink Pad (KS14)

Variegated Gold Leaf
VUL - Variegated Blue Leaf, VGL - Variegated Green Leaf, VBL - Variegated Black Leaf, VRL - Variegated Red Leaf